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   Hello guys my name is Sheena Oberai, I am an escort agent providing independent high class escort service in Connaught Place Delhi and more places see my profile.     Sheena Oberai Age 23 years old  Belong to Pune  Role as model   .

Delhi Escort Services Available

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

  Since 2016, I have been working in Delhi N C R in following places as listed in following places in Delhi see below:- . Delhi Escort :- Delhi is a famous city of the world it keep very important position in the Asia Continental here per day travel crowd average is increasing from past year so many historical place exist in this city and business are grow thing upward so the percentage of travel are increasing and they are visiting at this city for following purpose this purpose whether official or personal but whatever out of them someone need for enjoyment service where can they feel relax and make a plan for enjoyment so that some personal aspiration can be fulfilled.  Delhi is the awesome city in this Continental so far we have known about this city this is the capital of This nation and also famous for historical event beyond it is attractable place it attract the people to draw the attention of mind so that crowd average is increasing per day. Alisha is an independent girl providing a high class escort profile all of profile has been selected on the casual basic regarding the profile all of them are highly educated and sincere and attracted with bold personality so when we approach them keeping in this regards about their nature because it is very important that all one who like to take service in this moments need a very decent kind attractable and sincere who make crazy the guest. Know about our service and places. Welcome to our website this website represent a valuable service in the Delhi N C R, and see all pages related to our website each page containing detail about service included all package for incall and out call service what kinds of service is provided in this city see all schedule hence we are offering a luxury class escort service meet our following profile as separated tag and also click in following code with alphabetic and digital word:-  

Model category

   1. I Model service  001= ( A high class Indian model service is available in our site so we are providing a high class Indian model service in this place and offering a gorgeous service the nature and personality are awesome belong to Pune and hobby of travelling some more story about her travel with her friends whe she was joined this field after few month ago she reached a out call trip for Mansoori with her friends and someone so if you like to travel with her call us because she is very interested and excited for party. Now more things to be read and see in next pages.)

 2. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE002= ( this is a high class lady belong to Mumbai having age of 21 years old with great personality and very attractable features cool natures , sympathy , sincere and frankly so if you are interested to book her call us and want to know more thing about her call us because everything can’t be described related to service call us or message us. )

 3. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE003= ( Know about this code she is also model as Indian now age of 22years old very attractive features call us to know about her because our receptionist are very tactfully are full cooperative so if you make a call them will know more about service and quality after knowing all fact we will assist you book in your program hence you would be sure that about our service of following profile related to our site.) 

 4. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE004=( She is also Indian Model looking wise very fine and gorgeous come from Punjab She is very cooperative and passionate when you book her all your moments will be havens and will not mind about your expenditure because a high class profile the hold all moments the guest so that make a relationship so we are recommending to book her in following parties see our profile and gallery.) 

5. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE005= ( You have read all upper code she is not less than anyone she is gorgeous and very pretty when you meet with her find a nice partner to whom you make a great adventure and share all your emotions and feeling so aspiration of some object is incline with this regards.)

 6. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE006= ( This is an Indian Model girl like a high class ramp model perform a model category in this platform visiting with high class companion relevant to this service here are following companion in this site would not be bored because our companion are entirely cooperative and much interested so meet separately with them on causality as you prefer to make a plan and be enjoyable so we would like to recommend you meet them in all working day separately .) 

 7. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE007= ( Our website hired many kinds of glamour’s available in our agency so call us to know about them because all tags are separated listed in this website so you must meet all of them  after one by one here they are appointed on special circumstance so whenever we make any arrangement for environment are very glad to approach with them.)   8. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE008=( As we know about all profile she is also Indian Model belong to Kolkata as desiring to be role model in her life for some financial problem she has been working with this agency expectation some financial looking a decent reach guys where she can stimulate her financial career so being interested with this motive call us.) 

 9. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE009= ( After the reading above paragraph all category are having attractive and high bold personality with sincere in keeping the all facts in minds here lots of option to be visited one by one so we are introducing a high class energetic bold figure with motivation.)   

See more category

  1. INDIAN MODEL SERVICE010.( She is Indian Model looking wise gorgeous will appear like a dream lady will never forget her because such kind personality make a crazy to the people so all has inspiration to get involvement with this activity after reading all fact it is known that this site represent all high class bold personality all of them are educated and sincere as well as stylist fashion so if even you are desiring to make a plan with them call us because in this site only code mentioned not image published because of privacy so we would like to request you that only call us to get their snaps because in website we are not mentioning all images on this site somewhere images are posted but not a full pictures only cut images which show body personality.)   

  1. I C MODEL001=(As you expected always new fresh model as had never meet with them so our team was searching in this regards a fresh model joined and make entertain the guest because mostly guys to make entertainment to get fresh model so we appoint on casual basic.)  

  1. I C MODEL001=( This code refer to semi model which come in budget available for incall and outcall service in relevant places so if you are looking a semi model in this city call us because this category represent a budget semi model service in this field.)  

  1. I C MODEL003= ( Our website has introduced lots of profile in this regards after meeting them as appear a standard class profile she is from Pune working in this field past six month having attractive body which make the guys crazy so once you meet with her since then will await for her continue till up to date because such kinds body make passionate the guys read more about them click this link.  

  1. I C MODEL004=(She is an Indian Semi Model performing an extra ordinary work which is booked for party special in following matters like birthday party , bachelor party , marriage party & etc. so if you are thinking to make an event for out call part or travel call us in order to know whole detail about our companions must call us because our team has been guiding in following cases beyond they will assist in all booking matters regarded to party and who is cooperative and having cool nature which can make smooth adventure as you expected from us.   

. I C MODEL005=(This is semi model belong to Delhi city having age of 21years old with highly personality so if you are looking such kind profile contact us because our agency is offering all kinds companion as high model , semi model , budget model , foreigner model & etc because here code are excited in following code digital alphabetic and digital format because using a fake names its well mention in code system because they are fluctuate today here latter go in any where so we are using such code system in which you can consider about our service related to site.   

what kinds model availble

   1. HIGH PROFILE MODEL 001= ( This is an Average high class semi model which keep very important places in this agency because working with this organization in all places in Delhi N C R like 5 (five ) star hotel to Guest house or Home to Apartment available for incall whether out call service in both category we are excited to book this service regarding fields now some more information about this category to be known will be much interested and hope that whenever will you desire to meet with them all are highly and sincere educated passionate with stylist features which make the crazy to guys.

 2. HIGH PROFILE MODEL 002= ( A high class average model mean working in all N C R in V I P places holding a great moments which is estimated in budget expenditure so we also call them budget class because the availability is more than all above category mostly people like to avail such kinds profile due to budget issue so call our faculty they obviously help you in this regards of selection because to pick a proper companion for some durable moment is always subject so to be solve this query our faculty are excited to guide you properly in this regards. 

  3. HIGH PROFILE MODEL 003= ( As we have read all about them it is acquainted that selection is very important matter so that we can find a proper partner in some proposal which make us passionate however we did not get perfectly partner indeed we have to spends all our moments with them so selection is very important matter this keeping in our mind we always ask regarding to service so we have appointed very skill and cooperative expert who is handling very tactfully with guys so that they can be guided properly and it is sure that to get a proper partner our faculty’s role are very important.) 

4. HIGH PROFILE MODEL 004= (as we have known about all query related to service such as our companion are invited in this term to make a motivation to the guys because in all working days all have to faces many problem in the life so frustration arises in the mind to keep cool themselves must ignore following debuts which make argument so making a good class behavior relationship need to be calm down set a proper idea in their mind and offering a high class role model escort service in this city just call us our valuable team are approaching a high class service. ) 5. HIGH PROFILE MODEL 005 = (as well as know about the service related policy about them it is very important aspect about service because expectation a well kind service is always matters because as guys think not get properly because of choosing a temperament personality so we are enclosing a data related our service profile how will you get proper service in this field for this you must click all tags all detail are hide in tags so clicking each tags you will be known about our service quality in this region looking a gorgeous service must call us.   

Biography About Our Profile

   1. FOREIGNER HIGH CLASS MODEL001= ( Foreigner Model as a model which belong to aboard mostly people want to join with this category because a frankly nature and sure that about the beauty because a tall height average body attractable personality and etc people are crazy to get such kind service in this regards because we know that the service quality about them a cooperative service and good communication environment created because if you are looking such a partner call us we will assist you how will you get proper selection in this regards our valuable team are ready to provide proper information about them. 

2. FOREIGNER HIGH CLASS MODEL002= ( She is from Russia looking appear very gorgeous like celebrities whenever will you meet with them will be much excited and hold your heart which make you crazy so this kinds personality are very awesome and gracefully to see the a queue remain behind them who see once will desire to see more so in any reason visit this location and contact them so we are introducing a such a class where will you find a proper class partner which make you lover and fell in her thought so always will look for them to know more contact us. 

3. FOREIGNER HIGH CLASS MODEL003= ( Miss Sheena Is providing a High class Independent companion she is an agent know about the nature of market strategy and policy so keeping all the important aspect in her mind offering such a personality will never disappoint you because a high class personality are demanded more all expect to get a high class personality than normal as seen in dream so Sheena is fully know the nature the guest and their choice so she has to appoint some special skill personality are relevant to this website once you meet our companion will always think to meet more so in order to know more detail about our service call us. 

 4.  FOREIGNER HIGH CLASS MODEL004= ( As Sheena has been offering an independent class who are working isolated from the agency visit this city for some time and offer this service if you searching such kind service in this city and trying to find a proper partner must call us because Sheena and her met providing independent escort service in all Delhi N C R is mentioned in all pages related to this website. Sheena is very intelligent and expert to assign an accurate service after studying all facts related to this site. 

5. FOREIGNER HIGH CLASS MODEL005= (In finally code paragraph we would like to request you that pleas corporate with our faculty and companion because our faculty are not using any abuse words related to this service only indeed mater inform us not call for flirt and time spending matter because we deal in fairly and expect to get a genuine class people who behave decently and understand all facts because this is an entertainment function which is held by them by their willingness so they want to have a gentle man to accompany for motivation and personal aspiration to know more thing contact us.    

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