Welcome to Sheena Oberai Gallery this gallery has attached some screenshot of images which is fully hided by faces due to privacy matter only introduced a body- image and here you can see about Wikipedia click each link and read about her activity role in this concern. Delhi call girl :- visit this page  call girl Delhi -visit this page 

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Lily no 1

 She is foreigner belong to Afghanistan looking-wise very gorgeous and attracted special character is that she can influence anyone because having a great personality along with fluent conversation can win heart of anybody so when she meet with a guy got very frankly and nature is very cool and deserve first position on this gallery page and more specialty about her she is fond of music and gossip always a music instrument used and like new song and willing to go to the party or club because she is living in such mode hence all moments of life passed like luxury life. 

Zofia as russian

 She is foreigner too came few month ago from aboard since she has worked us her specialty is that working smoothly without any hesitation as all kinds service may expect from her because she is so excited to serve obviously satisfy your all frustration and feel enjoy in heaven because when she approached to the party never returned at empty hand se is very cute and aggressive so don’t miss a chance with her 

Zoya as indian

 She is an Indian Belong to Pune few month ago came Delhi and intended her work to this category and she is performing as independent model so book her for party or special occasional would be surprised, nature wise she is very cool very few conversation only inclined to work specialty and fully motivate the party so she is very special when any ask for a decent personality having sincere and intelligent we approach her and gave the detail about work schedule. 

Priya model

  Being the members of our concern she is dedicated her work to this category and hence performing a spa service to the client because in this world some people looking for a fun on the other hand some asking for spa service in these regards her duty is to provide body message service to the client and rate are normally charged not much higher charged to know this contact our customer support number and performing a valuable service. 

Jiya gorgeous

  She is very cute and beautiful members of our group when we approach her then so many quality in her she deserves a special place on this gallery gradually she is trying to come on best level for this she prepares herself 24 hours when she awoke from sleep then it would not be appeared that she is not fresh instead seemed like refreshment of morning and a glow her face is seemed 

Naina High Profile

 Last and not less than other members because she is very bold and passionate with her latest stylist members in this trade when she has been appointed she was very shy and not franked to people soon but latter she involved in this adventure and become so frank today is pursuing dashing service to the visitors and more interested topic which mentioned in next time. 


  We have not put the priced on this website so to know the price call us because our faculty are appreciated to attend the call and address you.