Punjabi Bagh Escort


A real life story about the escort lady

It is a story about a real life of an independent companion who has been working in this industry for long time. She is Naina very attractive and sincere, she is from Midnapore (W.B), had come five years ago in Delhi city for searching of job but she was illiterate and not able to proper conversation with anyone in this city so she was not finding proper job for her then how could she survive there because she had not any income of sources and not deposit.She had come to her relative who does not like her because she was no so closed with her as she had expected and their behave with her was messy as seemed in movie similarly so here a chance of her living at their door getting difficult for her. She needed a job and went to market for this job immediately and contacted body massage parlor where she has been appointed for massage job only because she was very nervous with this job how could she touch any stranger body which irrigate her so in this respect she was not confident and forced to leave this job otherwise do like all so she accepted because was passing through critical situation and this type situation exam of life.So since childhood treated for education which is the weapon of anyone with it each one could win the flight so she was not educated so she has not other source of work wherever she goes ask for qualification and education. So ultimately did do this job and she was involving in deeper in adult word which she never expected from her life that once day a client having naughty nature entered in that spa where she work and he selected her because he was attracted by her innocent and decided to take massage from her hands.There was a private cabin where she has giving her body message after some time he became warm and thought to make physical relationship with her so he grabbed her hand fetched on his chest and told her to be relationship she got apprehensive and cried a crowd gathered there she explained about her status he stand up and threaded to the owner to remove from this spa otherwise he will revoke its license that he was a repudiated person working in administration such as she has been fired from the spa and she once again became jobless and she had decided to work in another spa or body message so she next day reached nearby another spa where she has been appointed for this job in this respect.

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